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We offer 2 memberships at Baking Soc; one for those who love to bake and are keen to share their work, and one for those who simply appreciate fine baking at its best (or who already have their food hygiene certificate)! Both memberships last until August 2017.

Don’t worry if you change your mind – if you buy the taster membership then decide you want to bake but don’t have a hygiene certificate you can always upgrade later by purchasing upgrade for only £12.

Taster Membership – £10.
This is for any one who wants to come along to taste any of our wonderful creations, or if you already have a food hygiene certificate.

Baker Membership- £22.
This is for any one who wants to come along with a delicious bake who doesn’t already have a food hygiene certificate. When you pay for this type of membership, you will receive an email with all the details, including a username and password, for you to complete the certificate. And ~bonus~, the food hygiene certificate is valid for three years – so buy now and you wont have to again next year!

With both types of membership you can come to all our meetings, socials and any events or classes we run!

Getting your membership to join LUU Baking Soc couldn’t be easier! Simply go to our Union webpage here and click ‘Join This Group’. There you can select the type of membership that you’d like to buy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!



2 thoughts on “Membership Info

    • luubakingsoc says:


      Thanks for your interest in joining LUU Baking Society!

      If you’d like to be a Baker then you should choose our Baker Membership. This includes a Food Hygiene Certificate and is for anyone who’d like to Bake for any of the meetings or Bake Sales! Hopefully we should be doing some Baking classes as well so keep an eye on the blog/facebook/twitter/instagram for regular updates on all our events.


      Baking Soc xx

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