The Start of a New Year

Hey guys and gals! Its the best time of year, when everyone returns to their second home for another year at university, or for some of you it’s time to start a new adventure! Welcome (back) to Leeds! We hope you’ve all had an amazing summer, and have eaten a serious amount of cakeπŸŽ‚


We are super excited to welcome everyone back to Baking Society, whether you’re a golden oldie or a fresh faced newbie. Everyone is welcome!

First things first. Hidden Cafe is no more. Well, not for the next couple of months. The uni is making it all swanky. So please keep your eyes peeled for an email/Facebook post/blog update/pigeon carrier message about our ~new~ location.

For those of you who don’t know (or those who have forgot because of the 3 months of not using our brains) we hold a meeting every other week, on a Tuesday at 6pm☺️

Our first meeting is going to be on Tuesday 27th September in the Business School Maurice Keyworth SR (1.06) – if you don’t know where that is, don’t worry! We will meet everyone in the lobby of the business school beforehand (I know, we’re too kind).

Β What happens at a baking soc meeting I here you ask? Well let me tell you. There is a set theme and if you feel like it, you bake your best bake that fits with the theme. *You don’t have to bake, you can just come along as a taster* You come along to our meeting, hang out with some cool and friendly people and eat cake. I don’t mean one piece of cake. I mean all of the cake. So much cake that you think you could never eat any more cake in your life. (Fear not, you can. The cake-related coma passes after a few hours of not moving). Then we vote, and some lucky person is announced the winner. Typically, we have 3 categories; taste, theme and technicality. Don’t worry, it’s all a friendly thing, no real competition! Now for the exciting part- what will be our first theme? Drum roll please… SIGNATURE BAKES. So come along and bring your signature bake. It can be absolutely anything – sweet or savoury.

Now for some boring rules (soz guys).

  1. If you want to come to our meeting you must sign up on the union website (this means you need to be a member of our society).
  2. If you want to bring a bake along to the meeting, you must have a food hygiene certificate. This can be bought with your membership and you take the test or it can be an existing one ~as long as it’s still in date~

Which leads me on to memberships. We offer 2 memberships at baking soc:

Taster – Β£10. This is for any one who wants to come along to taste any of our wonderful creations, or if you already have a food hygiene certificate.

Baker – Β£22. This is for any one who wants to come along with a delicious bake who doesn’t already have a food hygiene certificate. When you pay for this type of membership, you will receive an email with all the details, including a username and password, for you to complete the certificate. For more information about our memberships, check our the β€œMembership Info” page.

We are changing the way things work this work when it comes to signing up for a meeting:

  • If you bake at a meeting, it’s free to come along.
  • If you don’t bring a bake, there is a sign up fee of Β£2. Β£2 for all the cake you can physically fit in your stomach.
  • Sounds like a good deal right? Well I have an even better deal. You can prepay for 5 meetings at a cost of Β£7! That’s a saving of Β£3, meaning one and a half meetings is free. For anyone who decides to prepay, we’ll issue you with a super cool card that we’ll stamp for you so you can keep track of how many meetings you’ve attended.

Finally, I’d like to introduce you all to our fabulous committee for 2016/17.

Robyn – Co-President
Favourite bake: raspberry Pavlova cupcakes, because what’s better than meringues and cakes together?!

Becky – Co-President
Favourite bake:Β  carrot cake because it’s my favourite thing to eat

Lydia – Treasurer
Favourite bake: caramel brownies with raspberry and white chocolate

Rachel – Secretary
Favourite bake: red velvet cupcakes because it’s the first thing I mastered

Sophie – Publicity Secretary
Favourite bake: flapjacks

Rosie – Social Secretary
Favourite bake: snickerdoodles

Ellen – Social Secretary
Favourite bake: apple and cinnamon flapjack which is the first thing I ever made for baking soc

If you have any questions at all about memberships, signing up for meetings, our first meeting, or the meaning of life please Facebook us.

Hope to see you all at our first meeting,

Robyn x
























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