Our Favourite Recipe Books

My mum has a battered old cook book that she bought from M&S in the the 80s and uses it frequently for classic bakes like shortbread, profiteroles or muffins. I used to toss it aside when looking for the perfect recipe and go straight to the newer books, but when I failed to find a perfect recipe she would turn to the exact recipe I needed in her sun-bleached book! Nowadays I always consider her favourite recipe book when I go recipe hunting!

Everyone has their personal favourite cook book, so what are some of ours?:

  1. Issy (President) swears by her childhood recipes from Be-Ro. Traditional, simple recipes like Victoria sponges and scones will never go out of fashion and she says the recipes work a treat every time! You can’t go wrong with going back to basics every now and again!
  2. Dom (Vice-President) loves Cake Days by Hummingbird Bakery for all her sponge needs and Pâtisserie Made Simple by Edd Kimber which has step-by-step photographs to help you recreate those fancy pastries you goggle at in bakeries (we all do it).
  3. Issie (Social Sec) won’t bake without Nigella Lawson’s recipes in her book How to be a Domestic Goddess. This book is full of classic recipes and some more unusual ones too!
  4. Louise (Treasurer) loves her Hummingbird Bakery recipe book (the first one they published). She thinks it’s an absolute classic and loves the recipes inside!
  5. Emily’s (Publicity Secretary) favourite recipe book is Mary Berry Cook’s the Perfect… With step-by-step photos of keys to perfecting recipes it’s great for mastering harder bakes. Its baking section is varied and it also contains lots of recipes for meals too!

We would all recommend these books to all Baking Society members! So if you haven’t spent that money your Grandparents gave you for Christmas you know what to buy 😉

Baking Society Committee



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