Completing the Food Hygiene training at home!

One of the most common questions we get from members is for us to explain the food hygiene training process. I’ll try and explain it all here clearly, but if you still have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.
It is the unions policy that anyone who prepares food for profit, or as part of a club/organisation for others to eat must have passed this training. “

This basically means that as Baking members of LUU BakingSoc we all need to prove we can safely prepare food for others to enjoy. If somebody fell ill after eating one of our member’s bakes the Union and the Society would be affected.

This is particularly relevant as Tasting members pay £1 for meetings; therefore our Bakers are technically generating a profit for the society through their bakes. In effect they are caterers!

The training is really important for anybody who’s job involves working with food, and shows that you have achieved an additional qualification. It also shows that you have been an active member of a university society- something that is always good to put in the hobbies/interests section of your CV!

Okay so enough about the benefits, here’s the process involved in taking the training:

1. Upon paying for your Bakers membership please email She is our point of contact with the company who provide the training, and will send you you’re personal username and password.

You will need to email her:
. Your full name
. Your email (which you receive bakingsoc emails from)
. Your mobile number
. Name of society (BakingSoc)

2.  Once she sends you your login details, you need to go to the website: and it will bring up a page that looks like this…

3. Next, you need to click on the option ‘ALLSAFE Level 2 Food Hygiene Course’ (5th from the top).
4. The next page will prompt you to choose course, either English or Russian (as shown above). Unless you really like a challenge (Or you actually speak Russian), select the one that says ‘English’.
5. The next page will ask you for your login details (which will have been provided to you by Anne-Marie from student activities on your request). Just type the username and password given to you and click ‘Login’.
6. Once you have logged in the next page will look this. Scroll down the page and click on the link ‘Level 2 Food Hygiene Booklet (ENGLISH)’ (found directly below the image) in order to bring up a new window with the booklet. At this stage you will not be able to open the link for the exam. Read over the booklet.
  1. Now you have finished reading the booklet, the link for the exam should look like the picture. If it doesn’t show up as a link then refresh the page and it will show up in red! NB: this weird code (highlighted in purple) is the passcode thing you will need just before you start the exam. Each one is unique so before you click on the link for the exam make a note of it or copy and paste it into a word document or something. Click on the link highlighted in green and away you go to the next page…

8. Next up it’s the big moment. Click on the first course as shown. You will need to click on the ‘enrol’ button on the following page and then you start the exam. You need a passing score of 20/30, and have 45 minutes.

9. Your certificate can take up to a week to be delivered to the university. A.Rooney will contact you again when it arrives. You can collect it from Student Activities.

Once you have your certificate please either email a copy to, or bring it to the next meeting you attend so we can make a copy and mark you as able to bake!

I hope that explains everything clearly; a big thank you to our previous Secretary Alice for putting together these instructions.

Good luck with your training!
Best wishes, BakingSoc x

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